Grace Kids and Anthem Youth are now meeting in the building while following specific guidelines...

GRACE KIDS (Birth - Grade 6)

It is our goal and priority for everyone in Grace Kids to be healthy and safe so we can have an awesome time learning and growing closer to Jesus!  We want you and your family to feel secure in knowing that in response to COVID-19 (coronavirus), we have added additional precautionary steps to our already stringent cleaning procedures.  Below are the steps we take each time we use our building, our Well Policy, and the additional steps we are adding.  Please don’t hesitate to ask or reach out to our staff for any questions or prayer needs.  We are actively praying for protection and healing over our community and those around the world who have been impacted.

For our families who are not quite ready to re-enter Grace Kids, your children are more than welcome to be with you in service and we have overflow in our Student Center and Café if you feel more comfortable using those areas for your family.  If at any point in the service you feel ready for your child to re-enter Grace Kids, our staff and volunteers will be available to assist with check-in and guide you to your room.

Remember to:

  • Stay at home if you, your child, or anyone in your household do not feel well or have knowledge that you were around someone who has contracted the virus or any other communicable disease
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap/warm water. To ensure this with kids, slowly sing the alphabet song, then rinse
  • Use hand sanitizer that has a minimum of 60% alcohol
  • Wipe down or spray with disinfectant door knobs, light switches, handles, remotes, phones, computers, and any continually-used surface in your home, car, and work place
  • Check with and follow the CDC’s guidelines and recommendations on face masks and other vital procedures

Cleaning/Disinfecting Procedures:

  • Prayer is our first line of defense and what we do before we begin our services or events
  • Our rooms are wiped down with sanitizer wipes and Lysol before, during and after each use
  • Crib sheets and blankets are removed and placed in the laundry after each child, and a clean sheet or blanket is provided for the next child
  • All highchairs, cribs, tables, swings, chairs, bouncy’s, changing tables, and other equipment are cleaned in between each use
  • Our staff wears gloves while passing out snacks
  • Toys are cleaned ongoingly in each room while the kids are playing so they are continually being sanitized
  • Hand sanitizer is used by our staff and volunteers ongoingly during any service or event
  • Staff and volunteers must wash their hands and use hand sanitizer after using the restroom and upon leaving or returning to the room
  • Staff must wear gloves while changing diapers, and then wash their hands and use hand sanitizer after each diaper change
  • Staff must wear gloves while wiping a child’s nose, face, or hands and then wash their hands and use hand sanitizer afterwards
  • We only use bottled water for drinks in our Birth – 4yr rooms which will be labeled with each child’s name


For everyone’s health and safety, Children Birth – 6th Grade, Staff, or Volunteers who have experienced the following symptoms within the previous 48 hours will not be admitted into Grace Kids. Immediate removal from Grace Kids is required if a child, staff, or volunteer is exhibiting any of these symptoms:

Fever, Vomiting, Eye(s) Discharge, Colorful/Clear Runny Nose/Discharge, Cough of any nature, Diarrhea, Lice, Rash, Nausea, Shortness of Breath, Chest Congestion, Allergy Symptoms, Communicable Diseases, Ear Infection, Pink Eye, Sore Throat, Stomach Ache

Additional Steps:

  • In addition to using hand sanitizer on a continual basis, it will be used each time before picking up or after holding any child
  • We will provide bottled water for our 5 year – 6th graders instead of using our water fountains, and each bottle will be labeled with the child’s name
  • Instead of allowing the kids to personally pick from our prize bins at the end of service, we will have a staff or volunteer wear gloves and pick out whatever the child has requested to keep all little hands out of the bin
  • The younger rooms that provide snacks will be using individually sealed snack items for each child
  • All staff/volunteers in our Birth – 4yr old rooms will be required to wear disposable shoe covers. Shoes must be worn and be flat in nature to accommodate the shoe cover
  • One set of toys will be used for each service. All toys will be cleaned ongoingly during each service, however this will add another layer of protection as we will rotate the toys out at the end of each service for another cleaning and replace them with a new set of sterilized toys
  • All rooms will have at least one door open at all times to minimize and restrict door handle use
  • Each child, staff, and volunteer will have their temperature checked before they are admitted to the kid’s area
  • In an effort to limit the amount of people in our rooms, drop-off/pick-up will be at room doors and only staff/volunteers will be permitted inside

Thank you in advance for partnering with us to maintain the health and safety of Grace Kids.  As we move forward, we will update our procedures for any future needs.  It is our privilege to serve our church, and we look forward to seeing your family in Grace Kids!

ANTHEM YOUTH (Grades 7-12)

● We will observe social distancing guidelines before, during, and after each service, and ask that everyone observe the 6-ft rule, at all times.

● Wearing a mask is optional.

● We ask that everyone avoid high fives, hugging, and/or other forms of physical contact.

● If you are ill or not feeling well, we ask that you please stay home and watch the service online.

● Service will continue to be live streamed via our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook.

● The building is regularly sprayed and disinfected, which includes disinfecting door handles, countertops, chairs, and all other frequently-touched surfaces. We will continue to implement environmental cleanliness and sanitation practices.

● Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building, including the Student Center.

● If you are in need of prayer or have any questions, please email

We can’t wait to LOVE and LEAD with you all again!