Call to Action!

We are looking for prayer warriors to stand in the GAP and pray for our schools. Let’s unite on behalf of our children, teachers, administration, and school board to pray that God will protect our children, remove all evil agendas, and return righteousness to our schools once again. Get involved today!

THE GAP (Grace At Prayer) PLAN

  1. Click Here and Sign up to Stand In The Gap and become a prayer warrior at schools near you.
  2. Go to your chosen school campus(es) at least once a week to pray. You can park on public streets or nearby parking areas (be sure to only walk on the public sidewalks while you pray).
  3. Spend time praying through our Standing In The Gap Prayer Guide at your schools. Let’s pray that God moves mightily in the schools across our land!

The Reason We Are Standing

As a nation we removed prayer from our schools causing a huge GAP – a breach – that must be rebuilt through the prayers of God’s people.

Our children’s minds and bodies are being degraded and destroyed by a spirit of deception and confusion. 

The enemy has come in like a flood and now fills our schools with an LGBTQI+ woke agenda.

Planned Parenthood has swooped in and provided abortions to young girls, killing babies, and often done so without parental knowledge or permission.

Schools are now saying, “These children are our children. You (the parent) have no rights here.”

Suicide and drugs are killing our children. We are losing this generation.

Join us in standing in the GAP for our children and our future. 

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